Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

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Do you want to know what are the best real estate investing podcasts on the market today?

In this article, you’ll discover the best real estate investing podcasts to grow your real estate investing knowledge.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts List

1. Best Ever Show
2. BiggerPockets Podcast
3. Cash Flow Diary Podcast
4. Commercial Real Estate Show
5. Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast
6. Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast
7. Flip2Freedom Podcast
8. FlipNerd Podcast
9. Flip Talk Podcast
10. Flipping Junkie Podcast
11. Forever Cash Podcast
12. House Flipping HQ Podcast
13. Investing in Real Estate Podcast
14. Invest Four More Podcast
15. Land Geek Podcast
16. Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast
17. Lifetime Cashflow Podcast
18. Michael Blank Podcast
19. Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Podcast
20. Real Estate Preacher Podcast
21. Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show
22. REI Rookies Podcast
23. Real Estate Guys Podcast
24. RentalRookie Podcast
25. Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast
26. Real Wealth Show Podcast
27. Rental Income Podcast
28. Simple Wholesaling Podcast
29. Science of Flipping Podcast
30. Spouses Flipping Houses Podcast
31. Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast
32. Wholesaling House Elite Podcast
33. Wholesaling Inc. Podcast


Why Listen to Podcasts?

The truth is our lives are very busy, work, kids, this and that, etc. Podcasts allow users to learn something new. As the old saying goes, “when you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

The time has now come over the course of the past decade that the information has been coming more available and more beneficial to our educational growth. With just a digital app, you can have access to practically any topic or niche out there.

If you are serious about your financial growth and investments, then you must be serious about your education. Listening to podcasts on the topic refreshes your mind and keeps your mind, not only occupied but informed in the information you are trying to master.

And the key is mastery! You want to master whatever you are pursuing.

In my own case, I personally read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and even take courses. My goal is the become the expert and master of the field. So, when I’m out on the field. I will understand every deal and scenario that comes thrown to me.

Without further ado. Here are the best real estate investing podcasts.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Best Ever Show

Joe Fairless controls over $400,000,000 worth of real estate. Author of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever book. And he has raised over $1,000,000 from private investors for his first multi-family deal. He consistently interviews real estate investing gurus like Robert Kiyosaki or Barbara Corcoran.

If you want a fair look at real estate investing, then listen to The Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless.

BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets is a giant in regards to leading the real estate investing market with their website. But their podcast is eagerly beneficial to keeping your mind sharp with continuing education and learning for the real estate investing niche. Authors and co-hosts Brandon Turner and Josh Dorkin encourage that all beginners can start investing in real estate.

The BiggerPockets Podcast is a gateway to real estate investing to grow your pockets bigger!

Cash Flow Diary Podcast

Massey is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and all-around problem solver. He is also an educator and course instructor, and member of the National Sales Network, Renatus, and Toastmasters International. He is an author of several books, including, ‘Cashflow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in ANY Economy!”

With the Cash Flow Diary Podcast, you too can start learning the techniques and methods to create diaries of your own cash flow.

Commercial Real Estate Show

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show is a weekly podcast about commercial real estate. If you are looking for strategies, forecasting, and intelligence from a commercial real estate perspective then the Commercial Real Estate Show is your choice to listen in on.

Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast

In 2003, Matt Theriault started his own real estate business. His podcasts have extended over 6 million downloads worldwide. He has established himself well in the real estate investing niche and he has a platform that teaches others how to seek investment properties and create passive income streams to reach financial freedom.

Matt’s mission is “to help unfulfilled people broaden their horizons with faster, easier routes to financial independence.” And financial independence is what many of us seek. With the Epic Real Estate Podcast, your financial freedom can reach Epic potential.

 Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast

Brock Collins is a real estate investor for over 16 years. Like many beginning investors. Brock bought every tape, every book and went to every seminar he could find. He was hungry for his first deal but just couldn’t put it together. He later found a mentor and the rest is history.

If you want to find freedom in real estate investing. Then listen in on Freedom Real Estate Investing.

Get Rich Education Podcast

It’s true, real estate has turned more ordinary people into millionaires and billionaires than anything else. However, with getting Rich Education you will be exposed to wealth-building strategies that the wealthy use.

To get rich requires education. That’s why you need to listen in on, Get Rich Education Podcast.

 Flip2Freedom Podcast

In real estate investing there are many niches, e.g. raw land, lease options, buy and hold, and flipping. Sean Terry helps investors to escape the 9-to-5 life to living their dreams. Sean Terry a former US Marine started his investing career when he bought his first apartment complex at the age of 22 over 17 years ago.

Flip2Freedom is a podcast that teaches you how to truly build a business to freedom.

 FlipNerd Podcast

FlipNerds has several different podcast shows. From interviewing experts in real estate investing, to listening from real estate investing tips, to the real estate investing classroom.

Listen in on their podcasts at FlipNerd.

 Flip Talk Podcast

Don Costa is a real expert within the flip housing niche. He gives solid tips and tricks from his own experience. You will hear from his guest about the many mistakes to avoid and lessons to learn.

Listen to Flip Talk.

 Flipping Junkie Podcast

FlippingJunkie started by Danny Johnson who had a great paying job as a software developer but realized that his day job did not meet his financial goals. He worked hard to become his own boss by flipping houses. And now he continues his growth with his wife.

Listen to Flipping Junkie and flip junk into profits.

 Forever Cash Podcast

Jack Bosch became a millionaire before reaching the age of 35 and trained thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. His accomplishments and achievements range from authorships to investments.

If you want to cash that lasts forever. Listen in on the Forever Cash podcast.

 House Flipping HQ Podcast

When you listen to the House Flipping HQ podcast, Justin Williams will discuss topics in the industry by bringing in top flippers in the industry. Together they analyze a wealth of information. With over 500 homes flipped, Justin has gained the knowledge and the mindset to become a leading expert in the house flipping niche. 

Listen to House Flipping HQ and learn to bring your headquarters “A” game to the market.

 Investing in Real Estate Podcast

Clayton Morris teaches strategies and techniques to help you in your real estate investing business. The truth is most people know that the best way to build wealth is through real estate but most people simply do not know-how. Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris you can learn.

 Invest Four More Podcast

Mark Ferguson is the author of several books including; Build a Rental Property Empire, Fix And Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom, How to Make it Big As a Real Estate Agent, and How to Change your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success. He is a vivid real estate investor and agent. He believes that “smart people who want to win in today’s society and build a life, they must learn how to become investors.”

If you want to invest in more wealth and time freedom. Listen in on the Invest Four More Podcast.

 Land Geek Podcast Podcast

Real estate investing is not only about investing in brick and mortar real estate. But raw land too! Mark Podolsky has built a system that allows you to invest in raw land with no money. Mark had his start with no previous real estate experience in 2001. Fast forward to today he has completed over 5,000 land deals.

The Land Geek Podcast will make you into a geek for raw land.

 Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast

Sharon Vornhold, a.k.a. ‘Real Estate Gal’ is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. She also blogs, podcasts, and coaches in related subject matters. She believes anyone can learn this business and encourages investing in real estate.

If you want to hear talks in real estate investing. Then listen in on the Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast.

 Lifetime Cashflow Podcast Podcast

Rod Khleif who is a passionate real estate investor personally managed and owned over 2,000 homes and apartments. Known as one of the top real estate investors in the industry. Rod has built over 23 businesses during his 40-year career.

If you want lifetime of motivational tips, interviews, and expert advice listen to the Lifetime Cashflow Podcast with Rod Khleif.

 Michael Blank Podcast

Michael Blank is the go-to guru on multifamily property. He has made his career in the apartment investing niche. He specializes in showing others how to become apartment investors.

If you want solid advice on apartment investing and multifamily investing. Give Michael Blank a listen.

 Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow Podcast

Kevin Bupp is an avid real estate investor. He credits his success when he began a paper route at the age of 12. Finding the right mindset in making money drove him into more profitable endeavors that created him to what he is today.

Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow will give you in-depth knowledge from a real cash flow expert.

Real Estate Preacher Podcast

Randy Lawrence is an indomitable entrepreneur with four successful real estate investment companies. He also serves as a pastor and founder of multiple ministries. In the Real Estate Preacher Podcast you will listen in on Randy’s successes and failures as he develops his proven techniques and strategies for income success.

Listen to the Real Estate Preacher.  

Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show

This podcast is not strictly about real estate investing. However, the benefits and wealth of knowledge from a legal and accountant can help you to grow your wealth. Co-hosts Mark Kohler and Mat Sorensen have a range of topics that discuss legal strategies, business ownership, asset protection, retirement planning, real estate investing, and numerous other tax and legal strategies.

Refresh Your Wealth Radio Show is your one-stop podcast for tax and legal business and investing strategies.

 REI Rookies Podcast

This podcast is about Josh Koth and Jack Hoss’s journey towards their achievement in financial freedom by using real estate investing as their tool. They focus on their personal stories and share their experiences when they acquire properties.

If you are a fan of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and want to go on a journey lead by rookies. Then REI Rookies Podcast is for you.

 Real Estate Guys Podcast

The Real Estate Guys is a radio show about real estate investing by Robert Helms and Russell Gray. It has been broadcasting weekly on the conventional radio since 1997.

If you want guys who talk about real estate, then check out The Real Estate Guys.

 RentalRookie Podcast

Beginning in 2009, Kirk and Emily purchased their first primary residence and turned it into a rental. Later, in 2012, they began buying rental properties and currently are buy and hold investors. As they continue to build their rental portfolio you can follow the story of their actions as rookies.

Everyone starts out as a rookie. So, listen in with the true RentalRookie Podcast.

 Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Joe McCall’s main interest is wholesaling but broadcast on other related topics, e.g. social media networking, lead generation, sales, real estate investing, lease options, rentals, etc.

If you want to master real estate investing then listen in on Real Estate Investing Mastery with Joe McCall.

 Real Wealth Show Podcast

Kathy Fettke and her husband Rich is the co-founder of Real Wealth Network. Real Wealth Network is a California-based real estate investment group. Kathy’s purpose to “help people create real wealth having the money and the freedom to live life on your own terms.” Her podcasts consist of principles of building wealth within the real estate investing niche.

If you want real wealth in your life, then listen to the Real Wealth Show.

 Rental Income Podcast

Dan Lane didn’t realize it, but shortly after graduating from college, he was about to learn how to live for free. When he purchased his townhouse, although he wasn’t planning on having roommates. A few close friends wanted to rent out the extra bedrooms he had which covered his mortgage. This leads him to the addiction to real estate.

If you want to get addicted to rental income. Listen in on the Rental Income Podcast.

 Simple Wholesaling Podcast

Brett Snodgrass is the owner and CEO of Simple Wholesaling. He strives to run his business the way he runs his life. His purpose in life is, “to bring people opportunity.” He’s passionate about real estate, people, and business.

If you are looking for a simple way to do wholesale. Look no further, with Simple Wholesaling Podcast.

 Science of Flipping Podcast

Justin Colby is the Co-Founder and President of The Science of Flipping. Justin has been involved in real estate investing since 2007, after becoming a real estate agent in 2005. He and his partner flipped 96 homes in one year and has flipped and wholesaled over 300 properties.

It is not a wonder that Justin discovered the science of flipping. Listen in on The Science of Flipping.

 Spouses Flipping Houses Podcast

Ever thought about working with your spouse. Well, Doug and Andrea Van Soest do! And they have been doing it for over a decade. In fact, together they bought and sold over 200 houses. Together they discuss real estate investing tricks and tips as they continue to scale and build their business.

If you want to work with your spouse flipping houses. Then listen in on the Spouses Flipping Houses Podcast.

 Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast

Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro started out as a simple conversation between friends. Both are experts in multifamily real estate investing. Jake is owns over 900 multifamily units and the founder of Rand Property Management. Gino also owns a portfolio of 900 units, valued at $54,000,000.

Together they are passionate about sharing their journey. Curious about how you can grow your real estate empire. Then listen in on the Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast.

 Wholesaling Houses Elite Podcast

Wholesaling Houses Elite is a podcast by Max Maxwell a true expert in his niche of creating wholesale deals. With wholesaling, you are simply one deal away from financial freedom, one deal away from more time freedom, one deal away from serving more people, one deal away from spending more time with your loved ones, and one deal away from changing the world around you.

Wholesaling Houses Elite is a podcast on wholesaling deals.

 Wholesaling Inc. Podcast

The Wholesaling Inc. Podcasts focus on wholesaling. There are many who speak on wholesaling, however, don’t know a dime a dozen about it. They focus on the actual and not the fantasy. Their mission is “to make successful real estate investing more accessible and attainable.”

Listen to the podcast on wholesaling with Wholesaling Inc.

Bonus Podcast

Learning real estate investing is obviously critical. But knowing and understanding the strategies and how to make the deals is only half the equation. This is why I’m including some more valuable podcasts so you can grow in your business skills, which is also critical

Cash Flow Guys Podcast

These guys educate investors on true freedoms of income that is passive and seek opportunities in cash flow. Learn to escape the rate race and fast-track yourself to success today.

Want guys who know about cash flow? Check out the Cash Flow Guys.

Cardone Zone Podcast

If you haven’t seen him or heard of him. Well, you just did! Grant Cardone is a giant in the business, sales, and investing world. He has many successful business empires and collectively educates many through his educational material. His lessons consist of not only real estate investing, but sales training, business, marketing, branding, and others.

If you want to get into the zone, get into the Cardone Zone.

Rich Dad Podcast

Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book in 1997 called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad.’  This book went on to become a leader in the industry selling over 32 million copies worldwide. The Rich Dad podcast is a result of the success of that book.

If you want to be a rich dad. Listen to the Rich Dad Podcast.

Radical Personal Finance Podcast

Radical Personal Finance is dedicated to giving you actionable inspiration and information to improve your lifestyle and life. Get the tools you need to bridge the gap between practical reality and your vision.

Personal finance requires a radical mentality. Check out the Radical Personal Finance Podcast.

JLD Interviews Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs On Fire. He interviews entrepreneurs that give insights into their perspective and their success. He interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs, including Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins and many more. His goal is to deliver inspiration and strategies to create the life you’ve always wanted as an entrepreneur.

Listen in on Entrepreneurs On Fire.

Final Thoughts on the Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Podcasts need to be treated as a valuable treasure. We can listen to them practically anywhere and everywhere. When we continue to go over the information in a repeated manner we learn. And the more we learn the more we earn. That’s the entire idea of the real estate investing podcast list so you can become more engaged in real estate investing.

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